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We are not your typical website creators BUT an ROI generating partner for your company, read on to learn more…

The fact is most web designers simply build pretty websites then send you on your way with absolutely no regard for how the site will perform or if you will even get any business from it. As you can imagine a pretty site with no one to see it provides ZERO value to the business owner…BOTTOM LINE: There is more to web design than just looks…

As a leading website design firm in Manchester NH with over 13 years in the industry we know what designs work and which ones don’t. We are a veteran owned digital marketing company with raving reviews and killer results. DO NOT TRUST YOUR DESIGN TO AMATEURS IF YOUR ARE SERIOUS ABOUT GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

Here are some facts about Google:

80% of all buyers use Google to research buying decisions.
92% of that traffic never looks past the page 1 results.

TRANSLATION: If your business is not on page 1 for terms like “Your City + Your Business type“ then 71% of your target market will not know you exist!

As mentioned, the average web development company build “Pretty Sites” with little regard to what actually converts visitors into customers. Additionally, they will often say they offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) yet have never ranked a business for anything other than the business name.

PRO-TIP: If people don’t know you’re business name then they aren’t going to find you. Therefore you MUST rank for keywords your target customer is searching for or you website is really just a lemonade stand in the middle of the desert!

– – GOOD NEWS – –

Not only do we design beautiful websites that convert we are also SEO experts and have thousands of powerful rankings to prove it, just ask…


* Mobile Ready Web Design
* Conversion Optimized Website Design
* 1st Month of SEO FREE
* Unlimited Revisions – We don’t stop until you are completely satisfied
* FREE Hosting

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BREAKING NEWS: Google announced that as of April 21st 2015 all websites that are not “Mobile Friendly” will not be shown on mobile devices. So if your site is not mobile friendly potential customers who are searching with an iPhone, Android, or other mobile devices WILL NOT FIND YOUR BUSINESS!

FREE Mobile Ready Web Design + 1st Month of SEO at No-Charge!

FREE Mobile Ready Design + 1st Month of SEO at No-Charge!

The worst part is most web designers will try to “up-charge” you at least $1000 for a mobile ready version of your site. We do this at no extra cost as it is simply the “right thing to do”. We look to create raving fans of our service and stand out from the others by going above and beyond the norm.

CRITICAL QUESTION: Who would you want performing heart surgery on you, a Cardiologist with 10 years operating experience or a 1st year resident still learning the ropes?

So why trust your online business growth with an amateur web designer who most likely learned website design as a hobby and has never ranked ANYTHING on Google?


Did we mention the 1st month of SEO is on us? That’s right. You see, one of the first steps in ranking a site online is to get the “On-Page” SEO right. “On-Page” optimization means setting up your site in a way that Google can easily recognize the following:

1. Who you are.
2. Where you are.
3. What you do.

If this process is off by even the slightest it can mean the difference between page 1 success and being buried on page 10 of Google, and we already spoke about people looking past page 1….bottom line: GET THIS RIGHT!

Call (603) 289-8690 to speak with a WordPress web design professional.

Call (603) 289-8690 to speak with a WordPress web design professional.

Why are we different?

What makes us different is we don’t charge extra for this like most agencies do. We feel it would be a disservice to you if we only performed half the job. We are more interested in helping you long term. Simply put, IF YOU WIN WE WIN. Our philosophy is this, if we help grow your business you will keep spending money with us. It’s like an ATM that you put $1 dollar in get $5 out, you would be crazy not to keep feeding it.

SO TO RECAP: With us you get 1 price to start. This price includes a mobile ready, conversion optimized and SEO’d site right out of the box so your business can hit the ground running. This is a truly powerful approach and not like anyone else you will find in the area. This is what makes us different. We are looking for partners in growth, NOT a “One-Off” client who is left with a site that looks pretty but no one can find. Call today for a short introductory conversation. The initial call is typically around 10-15 minutes long and allows us to get to know how you and your business operate and how best we can help you grow.

EXCLUSIVITY STATEMENT: We can only work with one company per industry per market as it would be unethical to represent two competing companies. We work with businesses on a first come first qualified basis so don’t hesitate, call today.

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Obelisk Enterprises is a Proud Google Partner

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“I have been working with Chris the last few months to bring my current website up to speed and to finally have a presence with the search engines. My prior site was simply not productive and I needed and expert to help with all the SEO. Working with someone who genuinely cared about the success of my business/site and was willing to educate me on how some of the SEO stuff worked was very important to me. Chris has been great from the beginning and I have already given his name to others and will continue to do so whenever I can.”

Lisa W.

“Chris has proven to be an invaluable asset to my business marketing strategy. His professionalism and dedication has resulted in a remarkable increase in my business to point that I have been able to expand my services far and wide. Because of Chris’s Social Media know how, Web Page and SEO rules/strategies my online presence is actively getting attention!”

Tracey T.

“Chris has been amazing to work with and such a blessing to my business. He took my website from the depths of the search pages straight to the top! I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for website design or SEO help!”

John C.

You must be positioned at the top of the search engines in order to capture your target markets attention, watch this video to see how…

Mobile Web Development

Obelisk Enterprises provides enterprise level and affordable website designs that will work across any platform from laptops & tablets to smart phones, we got you covered. Did we mention we don’t charge extra to make your site mobile ready unlike many firms you will find.

Website Design & Website Redesign

If you already have a website but are looking for a redesign then you are in luck. Our experts can take your existing property and give it a facelift. You will stand out from the competition by having a modern looking, conversion ready design proven to convert visitors to customers, guaranteed!

FREE SEO with Web Design or Redesign

Obelisk Enteprises is the only company around that offers 1 month of enterprise level SEO with every website we build. This is not cheap backlinking that will get your business bounced off Google, we are talking top level search engine optimization implemented with piercing effectiveness from a world class NH SEO expert. We believe in getting you off to a quick start unlike most website designers who will simply build you a pretty site with no regard for your ROI.

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