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Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your clients can often be an expensive or time consuming task. In todays ‘Plugged-In’ world the most effective method for communicating with your current customers and future prospects is via email.

Email Marketing is a highly adaptable and powerful marketing channel that can achieve many of your goals if implemented properly with the emphasis on ‘Properly’, doing otherwise can actually harm your company and your brand.

Obelisk Enterprises strongly believes that relationship building via highly optimized email marketing campaigns is a core part of client relations in any type of business.

Advantages of Email Marketing:
+ Outperforms all other forms of direct marketing channels for return on investment source
+ Increases loyalty and memorability of your brand
+ Quick to establish and execute new campaigns
+ Improves customer satisfaction
+ Low set up costs
+ Easily targeted to different market segments
+ Trackable results
+ Drives traffic to your website

Utilizing the best practices in direct response copywriting, our emails will convert tire kicking prospects into paying clients and make current customers open their wallets for what you have to offer. This form of relationship marketing will truly revolutionize the way you do business.

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