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It’s no secret the top business people in the world have a team of trusted advisors behind them. From Donald Trump to Warren Buffet to Steve Jobs, they all have or had trusted advisors to help them gain perspective and execute their plans. So why not you?

Top performance requires a strategic edge, and that edge typically comes from the perspective of an outside observer. That’s why 75% of Fortune 500 CEOs have an outside expert to guide them in their businesses.


1. ACCOUNTABILITY: Have someone hold your feet to the fire to make sure you’re executing your plans, demands, and goals. Do a good job already? Wait until you experience the progress with a true master at your side.

2. EXPERTISE: Knowing that someone else has already had success in what you’re trying to accomplish. Simply put, I eat my own cooking. The methods I will teach you I use to grow my own business – Why reinvent the wheel?

3. FEEDBACK: A true coach doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, an effective coach tells you what you NEED to improve plain and simple. No sugar coating here. You will gain a true perspective on what needs to be done to move to the next level. Period.

4. SEE THE BLIND SPOTS: As long as you are working in your business, there will ALWAYS be blind spots –things you don’t know that you don’t know. You need an outside observer who has been there before to look over your shoulder and bring your attention to what you DON’T see. How many times has a fresh set of eyes given you a complete epiphany and spurred a breakthrough for you? I can do that for you.

Want someone to revolutionize your world?
Consider this: Metrix Global concluded that executive coaching typically has an ROI of 500-700%.

My coaching program is designed to:

– Keep you and your organization working ON your business, not just IN it
– Provide insights that upon immediate implementation add pure profits to the bottom line
– Dramatically increase your current marketing results to create massive new opportunities.
– Develop your “Why” Marketing Message to stop just selling and start communicating you can solve your prospects needs
– Create a Superstar sales team, optimize processes and systemtize the tools to ignite revenue growth exponentially
– Help you Achieve Massive Results in any business impact area you can think of!

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“I have been working with Chris the last few months to bring my current website up to speed and to finally have a presence with the search engines. My prior site was simply not productive and I needed and expert to help with all the SEO. Working with someone who genuinely cared about the success of my business/site and was willing to educate me on how some of the SEO stuff worked was very important to me. Chris has been great from the beginning and I have already given his name to others and will continue to do so whenever I can.”
Lisa W.

“Chris has been amazing to work with and such a blessing to my business. He took my website from the depths of the search pages straight to the top! I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for website design or SEO help!”
John C.

Proudly providing digital strategy as an NH business consultant to the following and surround areas: Manchester | Nashua | Concord | Dover | Derry | Rochester | Hudson | Merrimack | Salem | Londonderry

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