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“Lets face it, Google is the 900lb gorilla that can make or break a business online.

If you are serious about growing your business and dominating your market with some of the best seo around then I suggest you reach out to Chris.”


Joshua Fletcher

Owner, EcoBuilt Group

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“It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with Chris. He specializes in heavy competition markets. These are the clients who love him most. The clients who thought their goals were impossible, Chris worked his magic and made it happen. If you need more business, you need Chris on your team.”

Scott Morris

CEO, MeshLocker


Proven Digital Strategies Help You Dominate Your Market & Attract More Customers


* Google controls 67.5% of the U.S. online search market?

* 75% of all users click on the first 3 results.

* 85% of all users never look beyond the 1st page.

* Why not rank your company on page one & capitalize on those opportunities?

 <<REALITY>> 1st page rankings are only part of the puzzle when it comes to a successful online marketing campaign.

Watch the short video to discover the critical element most SEO agencies miss and frankly don’t care about.

This one piece of the puzzle can transform a losing campaign into a wildly successful cash cow and turn everything you thought you knew about search engine optimization on it’s head.



First we will enhance your online presence and in the process position your business to convert more visitors to customers resulting in massive ROI for your company.


Leveraging the most powerful, leading edge SEO methods available we will position your company at the top of the search engines leaving your competitors scratching their heads.


Using cutting edge methods from PPC to Media Buying to Video Marketing we will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. Your company will literally explode overnight.


Do you wish you could just get more visitors to your website and beat out your competition?

Are you tired of hearing from so-called SEO Experts who can’t even rank themselves online?

Perhaps you just want a digital marketing strategist with a proven record to help position your company’s highest profit product or service in front of your “Best Buyers”, you know the one’s who just buy your highest profit item and require very little customer support?

It’s not a dream, we can help you do just that.  No matter your goals and recognized as the top NH SEO, we have proven solutions to match. Our team researches, plans and executes with piercing effectiveness profitable online marketing campaigns that increase your bottom line and leaves your competition scratching their heads.

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“Chris has gone above and beyond to create a professional website that reflects our business. His experience in WordPress, SEO and Internet Marketing have allowed our business to grow and be well ranked on the web. Obelisk Enterprises gives customer service and is a great investment!” – K. Bartels

“Chris at Obelisk Enterprises has been a pleasure to work over the last 12 Mos. His insight and expertise on SEO and digital marketing in general has assisted our company greatly. I would highly recommend him.” – T. Belmont


Obelisk Enterprises is a Manchester New Hampshire based multimedia marketing & consulting company. We provide the best SEO Manchester NH has to offer as well as digital strategies that will help any business drastically cut marketing costs while increasing profits at the same time.

As a top SEO Agency in NH, we understand that you are busy working on your business. Sometimes marketing can get pushed to the back burner for a tomorrow that never comes. What we do is take the marketing off your plate allowing you to do what you got into business for in the first place, which is running a successful & profitable company.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies and fusing them with the most effective direct response marketing concepts Obelisk Enterprises will create a comprehensive marketing strategy custom fit for your budget and needs. Our goal at Obelisk Enterprises is to grow with your business.

We are looking for long term partnerships with forward thinking business leaders. We specialize in positioning you as the market leader and drive sales as a result. The question remains, are you ready to lead?

If so, then be sure to reach out to the best SEO consultant NH has to offer, Obelisk Enterprises!  Your secret search engine optimization weapon.

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We aren’t satisfied with only the top spot. Our goal is to take up as much “Page 1 Real Estate” as possible. We have  dominated the front page for some of the toughest searches in the nation.  As the song says, “There ain’t no mountain high enough…”, it’s just a matter of if you want it bad enough.
Whether your company is in need of a minor website redesign or complete web design overhaul, we specialize in creating high converting, mobile friendly websites resulting in more site visitors turning into paying clients.  For beautiful websites and the best search engine optimization around call today!
Taking advantage of the power of social, email, and web advertising (PPC/MEDIA BUYING) to attract more customers to your website we help grow your business exponentially. Call now!
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